Silent Violence and Neo Bondage in the urban informal sector

The article was published as a chapter in India Migration Report 2017

Regional Inequalities – A Moving Frontier

Among the various axes of inequality in India, regional disparities have acquired greater salience in recent times, with demands being made for special status for certain states on this basis. […]

Food sovereignty, food security and democratic choice: critical contradictions, difficult conciliations

In recent years, the concept of ‘food sovereignty’ has gained increasing ground among grassroots groups, taking the form of a global movement. But there is no uniform conceptualization of what […]

What Explains the Declining Female Labour Force Participation Ratio?

It is often argued that female labour force participation is declining in India due to rising incomes that allow more women to stay at home, which is the preferred household […]

Enhancing resilience or furthering vulnerability? Responses to water stress in an urbanizing basin in Southern India

Urbanizing areas in developing countries face multiple stressors, including climate induced ones. We examine the case of water stress in agriculture in Arkavathy sub-basin in Southern India, a rapidly urbanizing […]